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Papers & Studies

Paper: American Orthodox Priest Shortage Crisis

First page of the PDF file: PriestShortage

"For at least the past quarter-century, Orthodox jurisdictions in America have been discussing the 'priest shortage' problem. The OCA addressed this at its All-American Council in 1999 and again in 2005, when it observed that 400 priests would soon retire and 100 new missions were expected to open over the next decade, with only 20-25 priests per year being ordained. The same year, 2005, the Greek Archdiocese also addressed the priest shortage problem. Then in 2020, the OCA website reported that 30% of active OCA were aged 65 or older, while the main OCA seminaries were expected to produce only 12 new priests per year. The article observed, 'The rate is, therefore, insufficiently meeting the urgent priest shortage the Church is already experiencing today. If the enrollment at our seminaries remains steady, over the next 5-10 years, when the 164 priests in the age group 55-64 currently serving will enter retirement age, another 40+ parishes across the Orthodox Church in America will not have a full-time parish priest.'"

The American Orthodox Priest Shortage Crisis is available now for download.

Paper: Women in the Diaconate

First page of the PDF file: OSI_WomenInTheDiaconate

"While we recognize that some Orthodox Christians believe that a female diaconate with a liturgical role similar to a male deacon's is needed in our Church today, we strongly disagree that there is such a need, or that it would be advisable, for the reasons outlined below. There are already a multitude of opportunities for lay ministry, and sometimes Orthodox laity, both women and men, need to hear the message: 'You don't need to be ordained to serve Christ and His Holy Church!"

Should Our Holy Orthodox Church Begin Ordaining Women to the Diaconate? is available now for download.